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Re: what kind of worries do you have when it comes to your children

yea i think it's totally normal. everyone worries about their kids, it's one of the hardest thing about being a parent. i'm a pretty laid back person too, i usually don't get that worked up about the "what ifs". but.....i still go in my 2 yr old's room every night to check if he's breathing. i'm terrified he'll just stop, in his sleep. i dunno why. sometimes i get up in the middle of the night and check too. dh thinks i'm crazy. anyways, that's just what i think it my personal craziest example.

i also spend a lot of time worrying about things like, am i being a good enough mother for him? teaching him the things i'm supposed to? will he be a good person because of me, or will i have screwed it up? do i spend enough time with him? when i do, is it quality time? yesterday i just sat and watch him play after work, should i have come up with some sort of activity that was educational and fun and helped his development in some way? plus all the usual ones about him getting hurt or sick. it's just part of being a mom. i don't think it ever ends. my mom says she still lays awake at night sometimes worrying about her grown children in their own homes. are we ok? are we happy? is our life what we want? we're not fighting with our spouses are we? are they good to us? that sort of thing....just part of being a mom
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