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Re: what kind of worries do you have when it comes to your children

I'm a worrier by nature, I worry a lot. I worry about Kearnan because he has special needs. I worry that he will never be able to take care of himself or that he will get out on his own and people will take advantage of him. I worry that we waited too long on his diagnosis and he won't reach his full height or that his heart was effected. I worry that we will never figure out what is going on with Tharen and he will turn out mean and defiant instead of the sweet little boy I see other times. I worry that I am making mistakes with their education and they won't learn everything they need to know. I worry that I am pushing them too hard and they aren't enjoying their childhoods. I worry that the house isn't clean enough. I worry they aren't getting healthy enough food to grow. I worry that maybe I should take all dairy out of Tharen's diet, just to be safe and maybe Kearnan should be GFCF to see if it helps. I worry the kids will grow up to hate me because I'm too strict.

There are a million more, I can worry myself into a tizzy. Some of them I go over with doctors and specialists others I just let float around in my mind or talk about with dh and dismiss because it is just the normal worries of raising kids. Or who knows, maybe I am crazy.
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