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Re: what kind of worries do you have when it comes to your children

I'm not generally a worrier, but I do worry about my babe. At our 2 month checkup this week they said my son had put only only 10 oz in a month, compare that to 2.5 lbs his first month of life. He's EBF and has a great latch and gulps the milk down, but he's usually done in about 10 minutes. If I try to feed him again before he's ready, or try to feed him for a longer time, he just spits it all up. I've even started doing dream feedings because he will happily sleep 11 hours straight at night. We've also given him bottles and concluded he just doesn't like more than 3 oz at a time, whether from the bottle or from me.
So yeah, I'm worried I guess. He's always just been a small boy. My belly measurement didn't change at all from weeks 35 to 40, and he was 10 days overdue and still under 7 pounds. So I'm not as worried that I'm doing something wrong feeding him as that there's something else retarding his growth. In my brain I know he's probably fine and every kid is different, and my hubby and I are also tall thin people who were string-bean babies.
Anyway, I bawled when my midwife sent us for an ultrasound at 39 weeks because he didn't seem to be growing. I told my husband, "I didn't realize until just now, but I'm really attached to this kid!" That's how I still feel. When I worry it sort of surprises me how much I dread anything being wrong, I'm still sort of surprised by how much I'm attached to him. So I guess I'm glad I worry about him because it helps me realize how deeply I love him.
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