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Re: first breastfeeding experince

Dd was a 34 weeker, 4lbs 9 oz. No nicu time. Just wanted those factors out there since it really makes a difference in babies.

We put her to the breast immediately. She would tire out very quickly. Day three we started bottle feeds of my expressed milk mixed with formula to make it more calorie rich. On the fourth day we started putting her to the breast after a bottle. She couldn't do breast before or she'd be too sleepy to drink the whole bottle. Day five we went home, day 6 we discontinued the fortifier at ped's suggestion. We continued this routine for the next four weeks (totally exhausting but worth it) By week five she was nursing with a shield and no bottles, week six (two days after due date) she was nursing on her own, no shield no supplementation at all. Hang in there. Right now it all seems daunting but with help of a LC and sticking with it, waiting out the growing he has to do on the outside now, you can be successful nursing your preemie.

Congrats on your son!
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