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Re: If you could quit, would you?

I'm half and half. With a newborn, I would want to be home. But with toddlers and older, I would atleast work part time. With my DS, I started work when he was only just barely 4 weeks old because we needed the income badly. We REALLY struggled emotionally in so many ways because it was so hard. DS cried 24/7, I couldn't figure out why he was always spitting up, and his sleep schedule was crazy. After I was fired from being late too often or missing work because of his fussiness (6 months later), I found out so much. His daycare was putting him in a swing all day, letting him just cry it out. They weren't sticking to a feeding or sleeping schedule, just didn't want to deal with him crying. He ended up being allergic to milk, something I would have caught if I knew how often he threw up during the day. It was just an awful, awful experience. And I missed SO much bonding time. We made up for it after I started staying home, though.

Now that I'm home with DD, I can actually nurse (such a rewarding experience). I was also able to watch her cues to figure out she is also allergic to milk, and had trouble burping, so it's something extra I work hard at to keep her happy and not fussy.

Once my children are toddlers and older, and ready to explore the world and meet new people, I REALLY want to go to work. Being a SAHM is nice, but I miss adult interaction. I feel like I'm missing out so much on adult relationships and friendships, conversations and interactions. I feel lonely sometimes and wish I had other adults to converse with. Our area doesn't have a lot of playgroups or activities for kids and parents, where as other cities might.

So I'm half and half.
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