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Re: vitamin d supplements for infant while breastfeeding?

Originally Posted by luvof3boyz View Post
I quite giving because I thought they caused lots of gas and constipation. I never had to with 1 & 2 but now they say I should. Must be a new thing.
We're you using the Tri-vi-sol or Poly-vi-sol type stuff? A lot of folks report gas issues with them. Plus, my kids HATED it, and I cant blame them--it tasted nasty! And yes, they have upped the recommendations on D for infants and everyone else in the past few years. Even LLL went from "don't give a BFd newborn anything" to "New studies show that most need extra D". We do the one drop formulations (400 for Baby, 2000 for the rest of the family). Had to order online since not even the HFS carry them locally.
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