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Re: Okay so tell me what's so great about velour!

Originally Posted by hfitz5051
I find that fitteds with velour outers fell drier to the touch than any other outer material.
So if they feel drier as an outer material maybe that's why people like them for inners, because they keep the baby less wet? I know they don't wick like fleece does though.

Originally Posted by a_cthelen
I like my velour, but that's b/c I love soft fabrics. True, it doesn't absorb nearly as much. IMO sherpa doesn't either, at least for my DS.
I know sherpa doesn't absorb as much as hemp or cotton but it does absorb more than velour IME. I can use sherpa fitteds overnight with a doubler but can't use the velour fitteds with the same doubler.
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