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Re: Advice for calming down during a CS?

I make a c-section play list and have it playing in the OR. Lots of my favorite music... I close my eyes and just focus on the songs and sing them in my head. It really soothes me and then I think that the baby enjoys it too as it's born hearing familiar songs. I've had music during all 3 of my c-sections and I love hearing a song and thinking, "Oh, so and so was born during this song!" I just asked my OB if we could and he said definitely... surgeons usually have music playing during surgeries where the patient is under anesthesia so why not awake! They don't turn it up super loud because they have to talk to each other and whatnot... it's just in the background... keeping me calm.

Before they start playing my music and I'm in there by myself getting prepped, I ask the team to talk to me until my music is on. So they make small talk with me to help calm my nerves.

I close my eyes just about the whole c-section. I do not look at my husband because then I start crying (don't know why!). It helps to close my eyes though...

((hugs)) mama. Good luck to you!
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