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Re: May 2011 Mamas - March Chat

Rachel - The hat in that first pic is sooo cute on your LO! They seem like sweet brothers to each other too. You are always getting nice photos of them together. Smoothies and walking is a great way to start - that actually gives me some inspiration. I've been giving a lot of thought lately to trying to focus on simple things I can accomplish and those are two great things to do! Good luck with it, you can do it!

watermelon - J & A! I bet that backwards scoot is adorable!

Julia - That is so helpful! I just picked up some baby food pouches yesterday. I did all jars with my DS and I felt so guilty and like I was being lazy. I have good intentions, sometimes they just don't materialize. I wanted to make a lot of food for DD but she definitely seems to want to be more independent with feeding herself even though she can't handle finger foods quite yet. (Yesterday I just handed over power and she had avocado all in her hair It's so cute!) I guess I can still smoosh up whatever I have on hand or what we're eating. Thank you for the advice. I'm going to remember the toast trick when we get there!

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