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Re: May 2011 Mamas - March Chat

Originally Posted by juliabell View Post
NAPPING/SLEEPING: DS started waking earlier and earlier and I found that it's a sign of the transition from 2 naps to 1 nap. I began cutting the 1st nap down from 1.25 hours to first 1 hr, then 45m, then 30m, and now we're cutting it down to about 20-30m. This puts the emphasis on a long afternoon nap. Which will help them sleep better at night. 2 naps is too much, 1 nap isn't enough. Ibuprofen has also been our best friend these past few weeks for teething. AND if you've ever read the Wonder Weeks book, 41-46weeks of age is prime developmental time and they'll start being fussy and cranky. We have a lot of screaming over here and whining and clinging.
This is SUPER helpful for us! We've noticed a change in DS's napping but couldn't quite figure out what was going on! I will definitely mention to DH (who watches DS while I'm at work) and we'll see if we can coax DS into longer afternoon naps! Thanks!
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