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4+ C-section, Christian Mamas Here?

I was wondering if you plan on having more babies... How do you and your spouse weigh the risks of multiple c-sections and bringing in more beautiful lives into this world? Have your c-sections got more complicated (ie: scar tissue, placenta abnormalities, etc)? I know God desires to bless us with children and He certainly has blessed me with 4 beautiful kids. I also think He gave us a sound mind to make decisions based on our want to do His will and weighing risks vs. benefit. There will always be death in life (ie: in the Bible, Rachel dying after giving birth to Benjamin), but c-sections carry more of a risk of it. Not only death, but even just the lasting effects of multiple c-sections (bladder damage, scar pain, etc).

I don't know if I'm wording this to make sense or not because my own thoughts are a little jumbled up about it right now... I have 4 kids, 3 born via c-section and the last c-section was more complicated than the others. My husband would like to know within a year if I'm done having babies (he'd be more than fine with that!) or if we will be having one more. We are praying for direction. My parents have often told us there were times when they would seek God about decisions and they were told they would be blessed either way. So they would make a decision and it was truly blessed. I wonder if that's what will happen with our decision! haha.

I certainly am open to adoption down the road if we feel called, but the question still remains about biological children. So how do you decide to keep going or be done with having so many c-sections?
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