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Re: Baby carrier for plus size mamas

Originally Posted by lizad777 View Post
I haven't had her yet, but she will be a NB and I guess really just interested in front wearing if thats what you mean.
Yup, that's exactly what I meant. For a newborn, my top three recommendations are usually a ring sling, a wrap, and a mei tai. All three are basically unstructured fabric carriers that are very adjustable for all sized wearers. Ring slings do come in different lengths, but depending on your body shape/size you may be fine with a standard size ring sling. If not, you can get one with extra length. Wraps come in two different types, stretchy and woven; stretchy wraps are one size fits most (and really, they do fit most people, it's a lot of fabric!) while woven wraps come in different sizes. A woven wrap that is about 4.5 meters in length is usually long enough for most people up to about a size 14/16 to use and then there are lengths longer than that as well (up to about 5.5 meters, which is very, very long!). With a mei tai, the standard strap lengths are pretty generous, but a lot of brands also offer XL straps too for plus sized wearers or for average wearer's who want more length to do different finishing ties.

Hope that helps... if you have any other questions, ask away!
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