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Anyone ever use a live-in nanny?

An update to our situation. We've used a few online sources and have narrowed down our nanny choice. In the end we may use a live-out nanny as the person I've found is a PERFECT fit but she is married and of course, would be live-out. I need to get a contract assembled to protect both our interests.

I've been returning to this thread to make sure I remember all the pertinent facts. I still can't get over how some of you all were treated by your employers, just awful! This nanny is crunchy, will bring her baby (a plus in my book), has plenty of references, experience and seems to have a lot of the same parenting philosophies as I do. She is also into gentle parenting, kinda crunchy, as well as BLS and CPR cert'd. We are still in the interview process but I am very excited to have found this diamond! Thanks again to everyone's experience, suggestions and advice. It was much appreciated.

So we will have to probably use a live-in nanny for our DD. As of July we will both be residents and both have long commutes to our respective hospitals. (our hospitals are in 2 different states so we are living in the "middle" to keep our family intact) The more we've hashed this out the more we think a live-in nanny would be most logical.

So, has anyone ever been a live-in nanny or used the services of one? How does it work out? What about weekends? Does she automatically have the entire weekend off? I ask because I don't want to step on her toes or put too much on her plate.What about costs? This will be in the Edison NJ area. I've been told that a live-in nanny has more affordable rates in our situation than a live-out nanny. Any and all advice welcome!

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