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Re: Anyone ever use a live-in nanny?

Thank you for bringing up very pertinent points. One thing we don't have to worry about is my DH walking around in his underwear, he is very shy and wears a shalwar kameez when home even just with me and DD. We would be opposed to her bringing men into our home as I wear hijab and this would make things very complicated when I am home. We would let her have access to everything we have access to, including internet, tv/cable, food, shower, etc., We plan to make it clear when one of the parents are home that she is "off the clock" and can focus on her own thing.

Hmmm what else? Oh yes, she could have her own friends over for dinner as we want her to be comfortable in our place. But we would require those friends to be out of the place by 9 pm so we can sleep without disturbance. These were very helpful questions and I will run them by DH. Thank you!
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