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Re: Anyone ever use a live-in nanny?

So, we had a live in nanny when I was an intern. It did not work out for a few reasons. First, there were occasions when the nanny was sick or had to leave town for illness/death in the family and we had to find last minute childcare -- so I would definitely have some sort of plan for this ahead of time. Second, when I would come home post-call, I would have a hard time sleeping because the baby knew I was home and would be fussy and I felt guilty because I could hear the baby fussing, etc (this might not be an issue for you if you are an intern and aren't pulling 30 hr shifts?) Lastly, I think we expected our Nanny to be proactive about things and that was just not her personality.

Anyway, it actually worked out best for us to use daycare which is open 6-6, but my husband has a "regular" job. If both of you are residents, I really think you have to think of more than one care provider because you cannot realistically expect someone to work the type of hours residents work.

Good luck, are you just starting residency? If so, you will 'only' have to work 60 hours/wk and that will allow a little flexibility in figuring out how things will work.
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