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Re: August 2011 babies- March Chatter!

Originally Posted by heyuitsme View Post
(started writing last night and finished this morning)

to everyone. I can empathize with many of you.
Jacky, I hear ya on the jealous newbie thing. For me, I get jealous of other people's pregnancies. Our miscarriage inbetween Sydney and Elijah just stole a lot of the joy out of pregnancy for me. Even now, with several of my friends pregnant (and my sis-in-law newly pregnant with #2), I get really synical and think 'they shouldn't announce yet, what if something happens.' Isn't that aweful that I think that way???
anyway...sorry to contribute to the blues, but I had a bit of a rough night myself. the kids would not listen to me for anything this was a combination of a lot of things and I knew I was not handling it the best, but it all ended with yelling on my part, crying kids and bedtime with no Cars 2 together. Gave them extra hugs when the got in bed and laid down with sydney for a bit, but I still feel bad. add to it a bit of family drama and I could really use my hubby to lean on, but he is still out of town.

on a positive note, wayne's office is coming together well. my good friend is helping me paint and even came inbetween 2 shifts of her job today to help me out. I think she even went back tonight or is going to be there early tomorrow to keep working even though I can't get there til later in the day. that is a true friend.

oh, and we are getting a new to us minivan on monday. wait, I think I mentioned that before.

oh, wait, here is a great story. I had to break into our house today. Locked myself and the kids out with no keys or cell phone. I had to break the door frame on our back door. it is a door we never use and is really old, so thankfully there was no metal plate and the lock just went into the wooden door frame. first I went all SWAT on the door, trying to kick it down. that cops show makes it look so easy. yeah, that wasn't happening. we also had a brace against the doorknob from the inside to keep the door from being opened, so I kept getting resistance from that as well. eventually, started kicking it with my back to the door, like a horse would with it's hindlegs, and shazam! success! well, success and a tipped over coat rack and shoe rack.

Congrats on the van! What kind?
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