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Re: Anyone ever use a live-in nanny?


The hours have changed considerably recently due to crack downs by ACGME. My "call" nights will be until 9 pm and I will have two months of "night float" where I work 7 pm to 7 am. A friend of mine was a resident at the same time her DH was and they made sure their call nights didn't line up. Since we are in different specialties (he will PGY2 in IM this July and I will be PGY1 in Psych) I think we may be able to swing the call nights so at least one of us is home with her every evening.We also will make sure our night float months don't overlap. Make sense?

Thank you so much for suggesting a back up child care provider because I was just thinking about that as well. I think we will have a secondary child care provider for the weekends "just in case" and also if the live-in nanny has to leave on emergency, need medical care, or gets ill.
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