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Re: Anyone ever use a live-in nanny?

I was a live in nanny. Thankfully it wasn't nearly as bad as the pps, but there were times where it was awkward and confusing. I nannied for two kids. Their father was an international pilot and I had the kids for several days at a time. Then he would be home for a few days. When he was home I never felt comfortable just "hanging out" but my mom lived pretty close so I often just went over there. I didn't have my own car but I did have use of the family's extra car so that was cool. Make sure you give really specific guidelines of what you want done as far as housework is concerned. I never knew if I was doing too much or not enough. I was paid decently and in the beginning I ate with them, except on days off I felt so awkward I never ate. I always went elsewhere. Then out of the blue I was told to start buying my own food. I couldn't figure out why since I didn't eat much. The kids had a hard time listening to me for several days and then switching to dad. So if you have a live in nanny that might be difficult. It's like when I am around kids that aren't mine I go into "preschool teacher" mode. That might happen with a live in nanny. It gets confusing who is supposed to be in charge. Au-pairs would be an awesome way to get a different culture brought in to your home. But then you may have to deal with some cultural differences that may be difficult to deal with. Also, one thing I wanted to point out is would you be paying per week? Per hour? Will it be a set rate? What if you both get called in? It might be hard even with a live in position to find someone willing to nanny with those kinds of hours. And honestly, I'd go for a nanny who is a bit older. I'll admit that at 18 I still snuck my boyfriend in at night after everyone was in bed and I shouldn't have. Not saying everyone would, but I would make sure you find someone who is mature enough to handle this type of position. Not that you wouldn't, just saying. I hope it all works out for you though. How long of a drive will you and your DH have every day?
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