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Re: 4+ C-section, Christian Mamas Here?

Originally Posted by 7arrows4God View Post
I did not get to read all your posts. But wanted just to send a quick post as it is hard when what seems like mountains get in the road.

I have had 2 and vaginals births after them. My 3rd and 7th were c/s and the 2nd was not an easy recovery.

There is a you tube video of many different woman that have had 3 and 4 c/s and gone on to have vbac.

Now in saying all that, it is still not easy and not saying you have to try that. So on the other side, I have a friend that has had 7 c/s so far. She has learnt with the last few and really we all should do is really rest and take it simple as much as possible after baby. Your body needs it. And it is important if you plan to have more.

There was also a mama's story in the Above Rubies magazine that had 9 c/s.
I'm glad you had successful vbacs! No option for me here. My first was a severe shoulder dystocia. My son needed revived and he ended up with a lifelong birth injury (brachial plexus injury) due to the force it took to pull him out, along with a few other quirks from lack of oxygen. He's had surgeries, various therapies since he was 3 weeks old, splinting, so much work/sweat/tears to get him where he is and he'll never even be 100%... I'd rather have surgery than any more of my babies (plus my boys keep getting bigger... last one being 12lbs2oz).
Vbacs are a wonderful option to mamas not like me though.
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