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Re: 4+ C-section, Christian Mamas Here?

Originally Posted by AmandaR View Post
I had my first three by c section, no complications, GREAT healing. DR said we could go for five. I had my fourth at 31 weeks after serious complications and my scar had already started separating. So I went from no issues to life threatening issues. So we're done, DH got snipped. I would have loved more, but I can't risk my kids losing their mother over it. It's such a hard thing to know/decide. Like I said, I didn't have a single complication up until the partial rupture (and that was at 31 weeks-DR fully believes we would have both died had I go to term).
((bigs hugs))! That sounds really hard! This sounds similiar to the issues my doc was telling me about with the 4th c-sections +. He's had 3 placenta accretas with 4th c-sections, resulting in needed transfusions and hysterrectomies. And he's worked on a uterine rupture (not his patient, but he scrubbed in as all hands are needed on deck at that point). Thank God you are alive, mama! My doc is all about the mom weighing the risks vs. benefits and he says it's hard to know when a serious complication will happen until it's happening! Sounds like you.
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