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Re: Anyone ever use a live-in nanny?

My jaw literally fell open reading how horribly some of you have been treated, just disgusting! There is no way in hades I would treat the person caring for my child so terribly! I am so sorry some of you went through those awful experiences.

There are some very helpful questions and suggestions given so far. The plan is as follows:

1. She will have her own room with a tv (and we may get cable so she doesn't go insane with boredom), bedroom furniture and she will have access to all the food she wants. I would NEVER feed her subpar food while we eat steak, that's

2. We will make sure we are never on call the same night so as soon as a parent walks through the door she is off the clock. This is actually easier than it sounds with the new ACGME limitations to hours, call days are set in stone so if I am on call every 4 days we just have to make sure my husband doesn't line up. (he is on call every 4 days right now)

3. If she needs phone contact I may just set up a Skype account (we have all the headphones and stuff) and prepay for her long distance.

4. My child WILL be expected to treat her with equal respect. I think I would DIE if my child showed the disrespect towards the nanny that some of you described. I will make it clear we do not practice corporal punishment and we will not tolerate anyone else using it on our child.

5. Her pay will be every 2 weeks and it will be salary. We will pay that amount regardless if we get off early and come home early. (this is possible when doing elective rotations)

I hope I haven't missed anything but ask again if I did, please. We want someone who will be like family to us but at the same time we don't want her feeling like she is being taken advantage of or we are over reaching in our requirements. I want her to feel welcome, comfortable and able to relax when she is "off the clock." After all she is taking care of my most precious person so I feel it vital that she feel appreciated. I want to have her move in during June when we can slowly assimilate DD to her and find a comfortable groove. (July is when I begin residency)

DH's commute will be about an hour and mine will be about an hour and 20 minutes. Yes it sucks but there really wasn't any other way to keep our family intact and we want every single moment we can spare to enjoy our daughter as she grows.
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