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Re: Anyone ever use a live-in nanny?

Okay I am back from church now. The family I worked with here in New Jersey got me through a national agency. I HIGHLY recommend that you go through an agency as it gives both you and her (sometimes him) some recourse should things not work like you plan. I can recommend one to you if you like.

From what my previous employers told me, the nannies today expect internet connection for their space, and they also expect some health insurance. I imagine you could find good information on this at This is an association that honestly I belonged to for a year when I was switching jobs. I knew I was looking in my "forever" job and that is why I joined.

Your commute is common for this area and honestly is about what my employers were as they worked in NYC... at least until 9/11 and then everything went out the window (they both worked on Wall Street). However but the time I left the family was back to a more or less normal time.

I would talk to your insurance company about her driving your car. You really should cover that or expect to pay for part of her insurance if she will be driving her own car. The rates are higher when you use it for work, or when she uses your car. So something you need to think about since both of you will be far away and a child is bound to get ill and need to go to the doctor.

The only other thing I can think of is put all your expectations in writing in a contract for them. I had serious issues with my first job as expectations were not clear and this caused problems and confusion on both sides. My job here in New Jersey was far better because I knew what they wanted and I knew what they expected. My contract for the job here was about 12 pages.

Oh and this is just for your own sanity. I was NEVER like this however I worked in an area where there were a lot of nannies around and I met them at the park. On my off time one day, I went out and about with another nanny and found out she frequently smoked pot. I would be beside myself if someone I had invited into my home to take care of MY child was doing this on their off time. So please put in the contract that you will do randomized drug tests or something to that effect. I know when I found out I stopped talking to this person but part of me wanted to tell her family.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate on asking. I was paid $450 a week as a live in here in New Jersey. I have a 2 year degree in early childhood education. I was employed from 7/01 to 8/03 (when I moved to be with my now DH). I only took care of one child, though did briefly take care of another child after they were born. This was for about 9 months till they realized that their baby needed more attention because the older child was so busy. I then took care of the baby and they hired a second nanny to run around with the older child.

Good luck! I agree that au-pairs are cheaper but they may not be able to give you the kind of hours you need with that long of a commute and I assume 12 hour shifts.
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