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Re: what kind of worries do you have when it comes to your children

Originally Posted by momtojande View Post
I worry about the mental health & addiction issues they have in their family history. I worry about all the emotional pain that life can & probably will bring their way at some point. I worry that my sweet, tender-hearted daughter will get crushed by mean people. I worry that my hard-headed boy who takes everything so personally will get swallowed up by depression or anger.

I worry that I'm making life too easy on them, and that they aren't learning to cope with adversity, and I'll produce a couple more spoiled American kids who can't compete globally. I also worry that we aren't doing enough for them. I worry that I'm making all the wrong decisions for them (even though I know that if I made other decisions, I'd worry that those were wrong too). I worry that I'm not a stable, mature, together-enough person to be entrusted with raising two precious people who deserve better.

I worry about drunk drivers. I worry about how my kids will drive in 10 or 12 years. I worry about whether the country will dissolve, economically or politically or both. I worry about doomsday scenarios -- nuclear war, or any war for that matter. Natural disasters. I worry about being separated from my kids during a natural disaster -- what if a huge tornado hits while I'm at work and they're at school?

And about sickness and injury. I worry about them hurting themselves playing sports or climbing too high. I also worry that I'm too overprotective and have to let them take risks more.

Oh, I'm only getting started. Breathe, breathe. Gotta back away from this line of thinking.
You know, I rarely come back to threads I post in but I keep coming back to this one and re-reading your post, particularly the bolded.

Thank you for being so honest! I was afraid to write something similar about my own children.
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