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Originally Posted by dagmomma
sara-with Tanner I just starting feeding him avacodos and adding different oils to his food. I also fed him ALOT!!!! That kid never gained weight! The drs did a TON of blood work on him and he is perfectly fine just tiny!

I think before Peytons next appointment I will fatten her up! I do not want my little girl to go through the blood tests like Tanner. Even though I am tall and DH isn't short we were both tiny babies and the Drs always look at us funny bc we have small babies.

It honestly makes me mad and upset. I am sorry you guys are going through this I have been there and will probably be there after her appointment at the end of April.
I've tried avacado before and she snubbed it. I had been adding evoo to her solids but have almost completely stopped them because they have less calories than breast milk. I added a scoop of formula to her freezer milk bottle today to boost calories even more.

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