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Longies and shorties

More Reductions!!! All prices include shipping and pp fees!! Make me a reasonable offer, I need these gone!!

Do you have a new squish? These woodie sets will be perfect for fall and winter!

2 sets of wool longies and hat set on mosaic moon yarn. In excellent condition, a little fuzzy, but no felting or other issues. This yarn is super soft and on the thicker side. $40ppd each

Longies - measurements taken at rest
7" inseam
14" rise
16" waist

16" circumference

Set #1

Set #2

Scrappy wool shorties, $15ppd
These are well loved, and have some felting in the crotch (which actually makes them extra leak proof). No snags, tears or holes.

12" rise
15" waist
2" inseam

These are a steal!! $40ppd, Small linen stitch longies and matching hat. Knit by Mollie at Amelia and Macy's boutique. They are stunning, and in excellent shape - no felting, snags or other issues. The close up pic shows the colors and stitch style. This set cost $80 new.
Longies (all measurements taken at rest)
rise 14"
inseam 7"
waist 14"-16"
Hat 14" circumference
Don't like my price? Make me a reasonable offer

SOLD$3530 2725ppd Purple scrappy longies in BFL and Gaia wool. Super soft! A bit pilly, but no felting or other issues.
Longies Measurements (taken at rest)
Hips: 18"
Rise: 15"
Inseam not incl gusset: 7"
measurements are per knitter

SOLD$40 35ppd Small knit skirty by Shy Violet on Retro Daisy BFL. It's beautiful and in superb condition, worn only a handful of times. Freshly washed and lanolized in sheepish grins pink sugar.
Rise 15"
Waist 16"
(measurements per knitter)


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