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Mastitis anyone?

Has anyone had mastitis? Any tips to share for recovering? (physically and milk supply wise). I woke up at 1am yesterday (24 hrs ago) to feed my 6 mo old dd and after feeding her still felt uncomfortably full. Then pumped and still was in pain. When I got up with her at 6:30am I had chills, sweats, aches. Went to urgent care at 10am and 1 hr after getting home my DH took me to ER. I was shaking violently and was having trouble breathing. By the time we got to ER 3 miles away I was going in and out of consciousness and they rushed me in. The infection got into my blood stream and spread that quickly. Once I regained consciousness about 5 hrs later they told me I could stay in hospital for 3 days on IV antibiotics or go home and be on oral antibiotic for 10 days, having to pump and dump. I chose to go home. I'm now pumping every 3 hrs round the clock but am still in pain and worried about my milk supply recovering. Any help would be appreciated. TIA.
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