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Re: For the momas with buildup/stink/ammonia/new 2 CD momas/or washing trouble.

Originally Posted by MamaCrunch View Post
Well both kids woke up stinky today. Not as bad (you couldn't smell it unless you were nose to butt or opened the diaper) but still stinky. Luckily not enough to cause a rash! (that's a huge step in the right direction!!) I don't think I used enough of the ammonia remover... I'm going to try that again and maybe a little bleach. I'm glad DS wears undies all day, he gets a chance to air that stink out! I put DD in an econobum cover with just a hemp stay dry doubler to give her skin a break after spending the night in that diaper.

Hopefully one more ammonia remover soak will be enough to get rid of it... but I kinda feel like the ammonia remover is like antibiotics... I'd rather not use it, but it's a last resort to fix the issue, but I still need to get to the base of WHY this is happening and fix THAT so I don't need to make that 'last resort' a regular thing... I see a lot of people that reviewed it using it monthly or even making a solution and spraying every diaper with it... I don't want it to come down to that...

I do think I made a discovery thorough all of this though... I think we have super hard water rather than the neutral water I THOUGHT we had... so maybe my issue is not enough detergent?
I think some ammonia smell is normal. If your child pees early in the night, then you'll have some ammonia smell in the morning because some of the urine had enough time to get converted to ammonia.
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