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Re: Newbie Questions..

Originally Posted by Connor View Post
But, as you stated your baby started that pattern around 6 weeks. Around 6-8 weeks babies start pooping less frequently. The OP's baby is 2 weeks old. At this point and the whole first month you are looking for about 4 poopy diapers
Very true, and I didn't realize the OP's baby was only 2 weeks old. I didn't mean anything about you and your post and I'm sorry I seem to have offended you. Yes, you do want to look for frequent poops in the first month. Infrequent poops might indicate that the LO isn't getting enough milk intake. However I was really referring to how this relates to consipation. How often or how much the baby poops doesn't have anything to do with constipation no matter how old the baby is. And this information might come in very handy to the OP in only a couple of short weeks. Many older folks and even many doctors who are used to treating formula babies are quick to cry "constipation" and will suggest prune juice, rectal stimulation, etc. These "remedies" are not necessary and may even be harmful.

You may very well know this info, but this is for the benefit of the OP and anyone else who may be reading. I remember I was very worried for several days when my DD was tiny, and I only quit worrying after I googled "constipation breastfed baby".
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