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Re: May 2011 Mamas - March Chat

Originally Posted by cherrycoke View Post
So DS did the funniest thing yesterday! He's already a little bit of a joker but yesterday was hilarious, he had me in tears! DH and I were playing with him on the floor when, while crawling, he did a faceplant. He wanted to cry but DH and I started laughing instead so he started laughing. Then DH started "banging" his face on the floor repeatedly and laughing some more, every time DH would laugh so would DS. Then after DH was done, DS (purposely) bangs his face on the floor twice and comes up laughing hysterically! He's going to be a little comedian this one!
Oh I love that they're developing senses of humor! That is so cute! DS will do this thing where he offers you a piece of food, but instead of letting you have it, he'll pull it back (sike!) and laugh. It's very cute.

BUT he's driving me crazy. Wants to be held all the time and WHINES for everything. I really can't handle the whining. It's loud and he screeches. Not sure what he wants, but it's going to drive me INSANE. I need earplugs
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