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Re: August 2011 babies- March Chatter!

Originally Posted by sblakeley View Post
We retried avacado last night and added evoo and a little oatmeal. She ate the whole thing!!! Yay!!

So torn right now between letting it ride and taking her to CHOP ER and having her admitted. Do I want peace of mind? Or to torture my child?

It's a tough choice
Awesome about the avacados!!!!

See with Tanner and Peyton they are both so active, fun, and imo the smartest children alive them not gaining weight did not concern me bc they were not sluggish and sleeping all the time nor were they up at all hrs of the night (we had our moments of course).

I did have Tanner tested and I was concerned and it did ease my mind. It also eased my mind when Blu wasn't talking at 2 and we had him evaluated and he was fine. Not the same thing obviously but I think ease of mind is important.

The testing I had done for Tanner was at a lab through my ped's perscription so I did not have to check him in or anything. I held him they drew blood. He cried, I nursed and all was well. He did get special attention that day though and his nickname became Tiny or Teeny Tiny Tanner for the long nickname.

Maybe if you just talked to your ped and did that instead of checking her in.

I got it done bc ped rec it and I wanted to rule all things out, like mostly allergies or digestion issues--the boy can poop ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

I am sure this Dr will make us do the same thing.

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