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Re: Punkin Handmade Diaper Share Thread

Originally Posted by zacifer View Post

This is my first ever handmade diaper. It needs some work, but its ok for a first attempt. It has an inner and outer layer of flannel, a hidden inner layer of fleece, and a sewn in soaker of two layers upcycled terry towel, and two layers flannel. Its the DD orange pattern and I plan to add velcro later. I did the hidden inner layer of fleece hoping it would add a waterproof - ish barrier so babe could go coverless some to show off the cute flannel prints, but it didn't really work. It held a lot of water when I tested it, but when I applied pressure to the outside of the dipe, it soaked through the fleece. So, I won't be doing that again, especially since I think it made my full body layering too thick and the elastic didn't stretch as well. I'm off now to try diaper #2!
Very cute momma! Looks great for your first attempt and I love the print!
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