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Re: 10 hours of pushing. Yes, I said pushing. Anyone else go long??

I pushed for about 5 hours, in a hospital, before my daughter was born. But she had torticollis, so she was basically stuck most of that time. They spent a good hour trying to turn her head inside the birth canal when I had no pain meds. Talk about horrific! I got an epidural about 3 hours into pushing (and 25 hours into active labor), and pushed another hour before they gave me the option of vacuum or c-section. I went with vacuum and she was born an hour later.

Admittedly I was pushing before I was 10cm, which only made everything worse. I know lots of women can control pushing, but mine was completely involuntary. I can only liken it to throwing up. There was no possible way I could stop it, as much as they begged me to try, which is one of the big reasons they encouraged me to finally get an epidural. The epidural did the trick and stopped the involuntary pushing.

ETA: Baby #2 was out with probably 10 minutes tops of pushing. Such a wonderful change!

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