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Originally Posted by mamIIboys
It seems odd to me that they said to pump & dump. Is it because of the type of antibiotics they put you on? Usually you can BF with Mastitis & it's actually recommended as baby drains the breast better than pumping does (at least for most). Heat, massaging from effected area towards nipple, warms showers or compresses & keeping the breast drained are important. I'd double check with doc to see if you can nurse. If so make sure to have baby latch with chin pointed towards effected area to help drain that part completely. Once better, take a couple days to spend as much time nursing & having skin to skin contact with baby to help milk supply.
All of you that agreed with this were totally right! Monday morning I called my LC and OB and both told me that I absolutely could bf on the rx they gave me! Ignorant ER docs!! I then looked it up on LactMed myself and even the iPhone app knew it was safe! (how hard would it have been for the ER to do the same?!!). Im on dicloxicillan. I also went in to see my OB who gave me some more advice and orders to stay home at least until a follow up with her Wednesday afternoon. She also prescribed me a second antibiotic, bactrim, that kills staph in case I was exposed in the hospital in my weakened state. She was very concerned with the severity of my reaction. So I'm taking probiotics and eating yogurt to hopefully prevent a yeast infection or thrush.

Phew, this has been really taxing on all of us. Thank goodness my mom just came in town and has been a HUGE help. I was able to mostly clear my breast yesterday and now am going to start working on building my supply back up. I'll start drinking mothers milk tea today and will def do skin to skin with the baby.

Thanks so much for your help and support mamas. ((((hugs))))
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