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Re: 10 hours of pushing. Yes, I said pushing. Anyone else go long??

Originally Posted by champatlife View Post
That's interesting. With my second I had two nurse on top of me pressing above my pelvis. Literally jumping on top of me, and the doctor was yelling for more help, I was in the zone not realizing what was going on until i heard her say, xwe need more nurses" and then i panicked and asked what was wrong and everyone was like "just dont stop pushing" and then my beautiful baby girl made her way into the world,but she didnt cry, and I panicked again until they laid her on my chest. She never did cry until the took her from me 15 mins later.

A pedi came in to asess for broken bones, and she had a lot of bruising on her head, and stork bites but no coning. I was confused at first about why the concerns for broken bones, and my husband was like, you didn't realive two nurses standing on stools practically jumping on top of you? Then I vaguely remembered pain in the area and small flash memories.
I don't think pushing to get baby under pelvis is necessarily the same as fundamental pressure, someone correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like you had shoulder dystocia, my first 2 had very similar things. Atfter the gaskin maneuver failed they flopped me over and used the pelvic pressure to try and unwedge them. I didn't remember after my first birth either until i started looking back, i think i had blacked it out because if was really terrifying.
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