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Re: Anyone make their own nut milks ( hemp, almond)??

One source for raw almonds is Big Tree Farms. I believe they came in 25-50# boxes, which sounds like a lot, but depends on how much almond milk you're making.

I agree that the high speed blender like a vitamix or blendtec/champ is essential. Otherwise you won't get as thick or creamy of a milk. Another option I never tried was grinding in a Champion, maybe then use any blender to mix with water? Anyone tried this?

The pulp can be mixed up with yummy stuff to make delicious dehydrated cookies. We mixed the pulp with blended dates, some raisins, coconut, and vanilla to make light crunchy cookies like macaroons. Or mix with carrot cake ingredients for a cooked or dehydrated carrot cake.

We get raw almond butter in bulk from Artisana, and this made me think of maybe blending the raw butter with water to make a milk....hmmm
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