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Re: May 2011 Mamas - March Chat

Originally Posted by Zookeeper View Post
HAHAHAHA! You should see them most of the time! Quinn is always beating up on Toby! I don't post those pictures
Well they hide it well for photos!!

Originally Posted by juliabell View Post
Justine - I've been trying to give over that control to DS too - to let him self-feed. I started last night at dinner by giving him a spoon and a bowl with applesauce and pumpkin in it and letting him go to town. I found this thing on Amazon that suction cups to the bottom of your bowl and then to the high chair so they don't fling it on the ground. He was actually doing spoon to mouth! And it distracted him for a short while. Messy as all get out, but we do bath after dinner, so it wasn't too much of an issue. It's hard to hand over control; I'm a definite type A.
What a cool idea - the bowl suction cup thingy. Thanks for mentioning that. I think DD would like to try her hand at using a spoon. She is always grabbing for it. She also likes the pouches - what a super suggestion!! She sucks on it like a straw and seems to gag less because she's controlling how much goes in her mouth at a time. It is so fun to watch them get messy eating. Lol, I am definitely not type A. I am the leave the bowl and spoon at the high chair, wipe as much food out of her hair and off her clothes as possible and then go the rest of the day type of mama. I'm not proud of that.

ETA - I completely feel your pain with the WHINING... some days DD whines the entire time from her high chair while I make dinner. It drives me mad but I have to make dinner. I try not to block it out because I know it's her way of trying to communicate with me but sometimes I will realize I've been sort of ignoring the whining but there is just nothing to satisfy her some days (except being held, which I can't do 100% of the time)

Originally Posted by cherrycoke View Post
So DS did the funniest thing yesterday! He's already a little bit of a joker but yesterday was hilarious, he had me in tears! DH and I were playing with him on the floor when, while crawling, he did a faceplant. He wanted to cry but DH and I started laughing instead so he started laughing. Then DH started "banging" his face on the floor repeatedly and laughing some more, every time DH would laugh so would DS. Then after DH was done, DS (purposely) bangs his face on the floor twice and comes up laughing hysterically! He's going to be a little comedian this one!
So cute!! DD really loves for everyone to give her attention and she seems to really understand facial expressions and laughing, like when we are trying to be silly. We went to a birthday party for friends of ours and as we're all sitting around the table, she starts doing this fake laugh which I always mimic with her and we all look at her and then she grins. It made me smile and I thought of you (I read your post a few days ago).

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