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Re: planned cs

Originally Posted by ashersmomoo View Post
They let me! However, I my history is that I have very healthy pregnancies, but simply do not go into labor! My cervix refuses to admit a baby is in there!!! So, they also know I'm not going to go into labor. So I don't know if those thing play into it all. But anyway, I had no problem with it!


I was just wondering, since you said your body never goes into labor, how long were you allowed to go past your due dates? Did you try for a VBAC with any of your subsequent pregnancies? Just curious, because I had an unnecessary c-section with my first at about 39 weeks and had not dilated or effaced at that point and with DD#2 I went to 41 and 6 days and until I actually was in active labor I thought my body would never go into labor on its own...just curious.

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