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Re: Questions for those who DO NOT use bottles.....

Originally Posted by e_roehm23 View Post
I would LOVE to be able to increase my supply by just nursing, but dd won't take the breast unless it is semi-full. Also, I've noticed that she does not empty the breast (I can still pump 1/2-1 oz after she nurses, but she still acts hungry)

I'm wanting to give up bottles because they have caused so many problems, but I'm not sure I will be able to maintain supply if she is not emptying the breast. Right now dd is sick and has not wanted to nurse for the last 3 days
Just wanted to point out that breasts are continuously refilling as they're being emptied, so there is no point ever when there is not at least a little milk in there. You could literally have baby on the boob all day long, and the breasts would just continue to make milk. I'd just nurse, nurse, nurse on demand, and let your body adjust. As long as your DD is getting plenty of wet and dirty diapers, she is getting all the milk she needs!
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