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Originally Posted by juliabell
I'm so worn out and tired and desperately need a break, you guys. There is no one around though that I would trust to watch DS. Maybe it's my controlling nature but I'm not handing him over to a MIL that doesn't make an effort to see him or a SIL who questions every decision we make. UGH. Wish my family lived closer!

Plus, I just read all the Hunger Games book and now I really want to see the movie!
Aw, hugs Mama. I so understand. I wouldn't want to leave my LO with people like that either. Do you have any mom friends in your area who would trade child care with you?

My hubby and I went to see The Hunger Games this weekend, it was very good, but as usual the book was better Hope you get a break soon, wish we were closer, I'd watch your DS for ya!
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