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Re: Questions for those who DO NOT use bottles.....

Well don't wish for oversupply. Trust me, I have had that issue with all 3 and it is no good. What the others have said is true for me as well. DD will be 9 months tomorrow and she has never had a bottle. She was sick with a double ear infection and a very nasty case of the flu last week and she still nursed although not as well as usual. You can suction out the nose which seems to really help. Just nurse on demand and if baby still seems hungry to keep putting them back to the breast. I also agree with maybe pump until letdown then attach baby. Once the bottle is introduced it can make things tricky. My first 2 had bottles at some point and it made it harder on me. DS didn't have a bottle until 6 months and we never had a nursing problem until it was introduced. This time around I am lucky to be a full time SAHM and I just swore off the bottle completely.
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