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Originally Posted by juliabell

Today we had our first call to Poison Control Center!!! I gave the dog her dinner with her flea meds in it (just a pill) and didn't think anything of it. Later, DS was playing with her bowl and then crawled over to me chewing on something. I thought it was carpet fuzz since he has a tendency to pick that up and eat it but then he spit out this white stuff and the pill! I think once he got past the coating they put on the pill it got bitter and he didn't like it anymore. PC said it should be fine and to just give him water. But ugh, don't you feel like an idiot when you call and have to explain?? "My baby got a hold of one of my dog's flea pills. Is that toxic?"
Lol!! Not really funny. But I've had to call twice! Once My son ate toothpaste while I was trying to change a VERY messy diaper. He kept trying to put his hands in it :-p so I handed him the toothpaste! Ugh. Then my older daughter ate Desitin. Lol. I should have learned from my son. But nooooo. I handed her the tube while I was changing her diaper, too. :-/
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