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Re: August 2011 babies- March Chatter!

Amy so glad to hear he is feeling better! Bob the Builder? I have done worse than that. I put Peyton in front of espn. She likes it she thinks they are talking to her. Sometimes mommy needs to feed everyone else.

Ok I have been talking about the babies weightd and I know peyton is tiny but I am shocked to here the weights of some of your babies and I want your mad skills at bulking them up lol.

What does everyone weigh going into 8 months? Peyton is 13.8 and to be honest I did not think she was that small until everyone listed there babies weights. She has the cutest chubby thighs. Now everyone tells me she is so tiny when they sees her but I just thought it was bc the babies around here where so big.

I think having 3 kiddos is really doing a number on my reality LOL!!!! I am so out of it sometimes!

How are the mommys doing? Not just with baby weight (but that too)?

So to answer my own questions. I have lost weight and about 10lbs from prepreggers weight. Like I mentioned before I think I have become an airhead. (theres a word from the 80s and 90s). I also am getting more clumsy like the other night I fell! Really what the he dbl hockey sticks is that all about? I am an athletic coordinated person--well was. I just ate it hard and then the next day thought I was in a car accident.

I am having a blast with Peyton I think it is bc she thinks I am so funny! I tell everyone she thinks I am the funniest person alive--then my sister said "well to her defense she doesn't know to many people." But seriously she is so much fun.

My 4 yr old loves her so much he is really a great big brother to her. He fights with Tanner all day but great with Peyton. Him and I are butting heads though. Its tough bc he is totally my personality. I will ask him "why did you do that?" I know the answer before he answers bc I know I would have done the same thing or did the same thing at his age. It helps a little bc I can prevent accidents b4 they happen bc I know what he is going to try to do and then he laughs bc he knows I know what he was thinking.
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