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Re: August 2011 babies- March Chatter!

the weight question....dun, dun, duuuun. yeah, I was down to within 5 lbs of prepregnancy, but like I knew would happen, I bounced back up and am now at my end of pregnancy weight. bleh. I really need to get on track. I look like a blimp, like literally how could so much weight be stuffed into my body. it's crazy. when I look at pictures of myself, I look like I should be in pain from all the excess weight. and my face! holy cow, where did my face go!?! yeah, I'm concerned about my weight as I down captain crunch cereal. A lot of it was from when I was first struggling with depression...I gained 8lbs in 2 weeks. yikes. I really need to get serious about this.

amy, do not feel bad at all! a spoonful of sugar (or bob the builder) makes the medicine go down.

well, today is catch up on laundry day...again. it's raining and cold, such a bummer after some really nice warm weather.

uh-oh. sydney has had a barbie doll for about 2 weeks now, and just took it's clothes off. barbie is now riding her horse in the nude.
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