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Casper is big but my girls were both super tiny. They both fell off the weight charts and even now they are not ever over the 20%s or so. We do not have any food allergies so their Drs recommended peanut butter, avocados, any good fats, Carnation instant breakfast (it's called Essentials I think) and taking out anything with empty calories. No water, low cal snacks, etc. June still tajes 1/2 a packet of Carnation with her milk in the morning.

My weight? Ha. I really need to do something. I don't want to venture a guess but I know I'm way overweight. My day care kiddo asked me who was in my belly the other day. Ray sold some stuff and gave me the $ to get an elliptical. The $ has just been sitting for weeks. One day, huh?

I'm doing okay with 3, well 5 in the afternoons. Izzy has been acting out a lot. I let her play in the garage and she took string out of my sewing desk and tied it all over the garage yesterday. Then tried to blame it on June. Yeah, June can't tie a knot. Busted. And June has been super grumpy, I think it's molars. The $ from watching the 2 is going to full day K for Izzy. It sounds horrible but we both need the time away.
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