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Re: May 2011 Mamas - March Chat

Originally Posted by Tippytoe View Post
Exactly!! Embarrassed to post this, but DH rarely held our first! I was a nervous Nellie and was terrified to leave him without his boobie. LOL. We left him one time with my MIL so we could go to a hockey game. We just got settled into our seats and MIL calls to come pick him up. Lol. Poor thing was just crying hysterically and MIL ended up with hives! I think she probably never wanted to watch him again. But he's 6 now and she watched him today ;-)

Thankfully DH has been on vacay this week and I feel as though I can actually breathe. I'm
Pretty much type-A, too. And I have let things go this week. I do wish I could trust someone to watch all three of my kiddies. That's my problem. Trust. Our parents are older and really don't want to watch kids. Hubby and I have the youngest grand kids on both sides, so I think they're just tired. I do, however, long for an afternoon of just shopping!! Alone :-). But for now, I take alone time an hour or so at a time. Lol.

So how often are the babes nursing in a day? It seems like my girl only wants it for comfort or to fall asleep. I've even tried to supplement with formula because I'm worried she's not getting enough? She refuses the formula.

I feel kind of guilty about saying this, but I think it's time for my girl to move into her crib :-(. I just cannot sleep anymore. Add in the other two kids and my hubby in the bed = :-p. I'm so not ready to hear the crying and I don't want to let her CIO. I tried that with my son and ugh!! I was in tears in a heaping pile outside of his door. My older daughter always slept in her bed...until the last year. Now she sneaks into my bed at some point during the night. I think she's part ninja. Lol

And, Julia, the food/sleep ideas were so helpful. Thank you!
Had to laugh at the MIL with hives. Poor thing. My problem is that I'm sure if I left him with any sort of in-laws, they'd just park him in front of the television. We don't do television in our household and so that bothers me. The inlaws think we're "crazy hippies" since we don't do tv, sugar, CIO, early weaning, etc. Sometimes it's better to just suck it up and deal with not having a break together if it means not having to explain ourselves once again.

Good news is at the end of May my parents are taking our whole family on an Alaskan cruise - they have promised many instances of babysitting the babe so that DH and I can go do something together. I'm excited!

DS nurses after wake-ups. So in the am, and after his two naps. He's too distractible to do it any other time. I have to catch him when he's still sleepy. He'll do a quick 30 second nursing during the day if he's feeling cranky. We have always had to supplement with formula so we give a couple of ounces after each nursing. Generally he refuses it so if your LO is refusing, then it's no biggie. Do you offer water? He guzzles water after meals. Loves it.

You don't have to CIO to move to crib! Are you sidecar-ed? I'd do a slow transition. It's probably harder since she's older. We did a slow transition from bed to sidecar. Then from sidecar to crib in room. Then crib into room. I found the key to getting him to sleep through the night in his room was total darkness. It's like it was disorienting enough when he woke that he just went back to sleep. But we still get up every few nights for nursing or cuddles.

I'm sure I've mentioned it a hundred million times but has a ton of helpful non-CIO solutions. I found that it's realistic to want to have your bed and room and time to yourself for sleep. We were all happier once we got it DS actually sleeps better in his room than he did in our room since we and the snoring dog woke him in the AM.

And YES to choosing Joy! It's so hard sometimes, but I got a full 8 hours last night AND some good one-on-one adult fun time with DH so I'm a happier lady this am
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