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Re: May 2011 Mamas - March Chat

Originally Posted by justineybean View Post
Ooh I would love for DD to sleep on her own even half the night. It is harder and harder to get her to settle down for bed (and later and later too). Plus almost 4yo DS comes in sometimes to snuggle if he wakes up. My DH hardly ever wakes up. There's no space in the bed. I've come to terms with crappy sleep. DD will nap in her crib and sleep a little while at night before I bring her to our room. Do your LOs sleep with blankets at night?

I'm going to check out the forums you mentioned Julia. Lol your post made me laugh! That cruise sounds amazing!!

DD is still nursing a lot but mostly she "snacks" during the day. I nurse her anytime she gets whiny. It seems to be enough to sustain her through the day b/c she's too busy to stay still for long. She's eating more solids so I suspect things may change at some point. She doesn't really like water yet though. I think she gets the most milk at bedtime, nap time, and the first meal in the morning. She also snacks during the night 3-4 times as far as I remember. Lol I'm barely awake when it happens.

So speaking of solids... Who has a diaper sprayer? I need to get one. Right now her poop is a tad thicker but nothing too bad so I'm not really rinsing yet. Should I be?

What are everyone's plans for the weekend? Anybody get a lotto ticket for the mega million jackpot?! My DH did.
I could never come to terms with crappy sleep. The only time I did was in the beginning. I am a terrible person without sleep. That's the reason I had to find something to get DS to nap on his own. He's always been pretty good at night. DS wears jammies (either carter's fleece or terry ones if it's cold or hanna andersson o. cotton ones if it's warmer) with a Disana wool sleepsack. His room stays fairly warm, though. We have a video monitor and he is ALL over the crib, so there's no way I'd put him in there with a blanket!

The forums are good for the most part. Like anything, there's some bad advice floating around. The basic sleep info about how much is needed during day and night and at what age, and how long they should be able to stay awake at what age, has been very helpful to me to getting DS on a schedule. There's good info about what causes night waking and early wakings. I'm only really active on the naps forum in the 2-1 naps transition thread. Today is a 1 nap day! Can't believe it...

Ha, diaper sprayer. I kept having good intentions of getting one. We ended up with "the poop fork." It was just nearby one time (don't ask what a fork was doing in the bathroom...) and I used it to scrape. And now it's remained, because who wants to eat off the poop fork even after it's been cleaned? Although, I imagine a spoon would probably be better... I kept thinking I should get a sturdy spatula. DS has different poops - if they're more peanut buttery then I don't generally scrape - but sometimes it's a lot thicker like playdoh and I scrape then.

This weekend... I really want to paint our LR. It needs to be done and we're sitting here with splotches of primer and areas that were covered by cabinets that are a different color. It needs to be done and it would look so much better if we did. Saturday we have movie night after DS goes to bed. And Sunday is MAD MEN NIGHT. My favorite Tv show in the world Back on after 500 days or something like that
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