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Hmm, an overall update?

I am in a slump. I am just so over the never ending laundry, dishes, dirty bathroom, tantrums, attitudes, whining, fighting.... California was a good way for me to clear my head but to be honest, it felt good to be a tad free. I feel guilty even saying that. I swore I would never go through a time when I felt trapped but I feel that way now. I dont want to be without my kids or my dh, i just am so bored of the repetitive. I hate it, it makes me feel like I'm betraying my life but I don't know what to do about it. I'm sure if I just could get some regular 'me time' going I would feel better. Now, where to find some of that..... As far as the weight goes, I've been back to prepregnancy since dd was a couple weeks old but I still am carrying the weight I gained with Nathan four years ago. I would love for that to melt off finally. My dream is to wear shorts.

Harper is mobile. Crawling and starting to pull up. She is finally eating solids well ever since I resigned to skipping purées. She loves to eat! She's still nursing all day and night though. She was 18.11 two weeks ago and 28" long. If she follows the pattern my other kids have she will pretty much drop off from here. She is such a joy though. She's pleasant 99.9% of the time and she is so easily entertained by everything around her. The only thing I'd love to improve is naps. She doesn't take them.

In the spirit of updates, here's a pic from today...nevermind the scowl, the sun was in her eyes.
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