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Hey all! I can't believe our munchkins are almost a year old

We are doing well, over here. DD has recently started crawling and getting into everything. She took her sweet time to start moving and now she's making up for it, LOL!

We are still nursing. A lot, IMO. She eats everything in sight-all day long- so I don't really think its necessary for her to nurse so much. We can finally go 3-4 hours during the day! I cannot wait to be down to just morning and bedtime- or better yet be DONE!

She also still sleeps with us, we've got the crib sidecarred but she ends up only laying halfway on her mattress, lol.

The past few nights we've tried to put her down, and she immediately goes to all fours and crawls right into the edge of her crib. Like one of those wind up cars, it is really funny. She's so tired but her body fights it!

She still weighs 21 lbs, slowing down a little finally. 30" long and a big ole noggin!

She naps 2x a day, usually on me since I can't put her down. Bedtime routine starts around 7/730 and sleep sometimes happens by 830 *groan*.....and she's up a few times a night. At least by 2 and 5, up around 8.

She looks just like her Daddy but I think she is going to be sassy like me. She has this "poopface" I call it when she is tired or not impressed, it is hysterical. I've got a picture ill post that shows it.

Mind my melons, I needed some sun and the tops I have are way too small! And a pic of her getting into the dog bowls, she loooves dog food and water!
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