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Re: Letter to vistors after birth

Originally Posted by Mamata3 View Post
You cando what we did and move to another country lol. Ino really I would just tell them DO NOT come over until I invite you, but do it nice

Sometimes I really wished DH and I were stationed abroad still.

And OP, I'm dealing with a similar situation. My mother insists she'll be at the birth. She's very... excited about her first grandchildren. We've been very clear that no one will be present, other than appropriate midwives/doctors, except for my DH and a doula. If my DH is gone for the birth (he's military), then only the doula will be present, and NOBODY (no, not even grandma) gets to see the babies until daddy first receives pictures.

She keeps laughing it off as if I'm not serious.
Why would someone joke around about that?

If she fails to realize we're serious before I'm in labor, then she'll be in for a real shock when hospital security won't allow her past the waiting room (we've already discussed the situation with the midwife).

Remember, it's not you hurting their feelings; it's their lack of courtesy and awareness that is causing their feelings to be hurt.

Not their baby, not their day, not their place to be setting expectations or making demands.

Oh, and I wouldn't bother with a letter, imo. If anything, it might make you appear less reasonable (and more birth-zilla-ish).
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