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Re: Homemade Thread

I'll add something I make every week - mineral broth!

Yup, save in the fridge all your cut ends of carrots, celery, onion skins, potato peels, zuchinni - just nothing like tomatos or cucumber, just harder veggies. At the end of the week I throw it all in a big pot, cover with water, add a few glugs of apple cider vinegar - let cook on really low overnight. The next morning - a rich broth! I sometimes add in some kombu seaweed to really bulk up the minerals.

You can also use stock bones to get a great broth for bone health.

The broth makes any soup, stew or sauce way yummier and richer. You can also use it when cooking grains instead of water for tastier grains. We use it to saute veggies as well.
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